Fuel dispenser with tank(CE APPROVAL)
1.Explosion proof,it fit for diesel,kerosene,petrol and so on .
2.Flow rate: 60L/min(if you have other flow rate required ,please inform us )
3.Volt: 220V/110AC,12V/24V DC(you can choose the voltage you need)
4.If you have other specification ,please inform us,we can do OEM for you as your required .
5.If you need different tank capacity(not shown in the following list),we can special fo for you ,just inform us your required.
6.If you need add other function like LED advertisement line ,TV medium ,stainless steel column,IC card function ,printer ,solar power supply and so on ,please inform us ,we can do for you .
7.We have update programme is --------GPRS function
With GPRS function ,that means the fuel dispenser with tank can connect with mobile phone ,so you can check any data anytime anywhere you want from your mobile phone or computer,also you can set unit price of each nozzle by your mobile phone,the manual book of GPRS ,you can check from YouTube link:

  1. If you need Solar power supply ,please inquiry and mentioned this operation

  2. If you need add ATG (automatic tank gauge) function ,please inquiry and mentioned this operation

  3. The followings are our popular and standard specification, for your reference. if you have your own design or special specification ,please inform us ,we will give you best price according to your required .we can do OEM for you .

Fuel dispenser with tank single nozzle
(1 Automatic nozzle,1 Explosion proof pump,1 Tasturno type flowmeter,1 Metal keyboard,1 emergency button,1 totalizer ,1 display)

Fuel dispenser with tank double nozzle
(2Automatic nozzle,2 Explosion proof pump,2 Tasturno type flowmeter,2 Metal keyboard,2 emergency button,2 totalizer ,2 display)

it is different design,it With Oil Tank Gauge,Manhole Upper StairsTank capacity can choose(If you have different required ,we can special produce for you):
The product of tank, you can choose 1 product or 2 product Tank

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